Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Quest for my ancestors.....A little walks through the Blue Sea.


A journey in search of the ancestors, a look back to the bygone decade. A step towards the truths which untold by the blue sea. Is our real history in a deep sleep? We have learned many things from written folios. Will that become a told story one day? 
            Who were our real ancestors? I am not just writing down the unknown but reading it out. I am not tying the papers together but I am trying to unknot the knots. We can't write history but we can read it. We can't write our past as we can't predict our future. we are merely readers sandwiched between past and future. 
            This scribbling is merely an outcome of a reading about our own heard ancestors. There may be errors as well as familiar stories in my reading. And we might have read all these in the dusted books. I am not re-reading the red ones. This is a journey through the read to the unread. 
            If we have a look at the historical folios we can come across the old and untold stories of the age old island. It is told that King Cheraman Perumal had ruled some island when he had come across many fabulous islands on his voyage through the Lakshadweep Sea. Similar to this there are many other historical events in the historical folios of Lakshadweep. The history of Lakshadweep is considered to be begun centuries ago. There may arise some unanswered questions in the mind of a person who reads out the historical pages.         
            How did habitation come into existence in the scattered islands of Arabian sea? From where did the roots of the islanders originate? The language of each island is different from the other. Which is the origin of these languages? Here remain many unanswered questions. 
                                                                                                             (will continue ) 

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