Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The hidden agenda behind the LD.CLERK TEST of Lakshadweep
       Around thousand and more LD.CLERK candidates were participated in the LD.TEST which took place previous months in Kavaratti Island, unfortunately only three candidates were passed the typing test, others were failed the test. Lakshadweep administration was conducted the typing test for the help of an unknown software.
        How can be happen this like mass failing? Many professional typists had failed in the test, what is the reason behind these things? Is there any hidden agenda? Most of the candidates were very optimistic and very confidential, but unfortunately they had failed. More than 53 LD posts are remain to fulfill.

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  1. well yeah it was a unknown software but if someone was so optimistic about the typing test, I think they should have definitely asked for a manual analysis of the content they have typed because... everyone where asked to sign on the printout of the contents they have typed....and yeah I believe computer generated results are more accurate than the manual back side checking which was done previously where chances for malpractice are more higher than the later...
    here u type, and u get the result in the screen as soon as u finish ur typing... and if u doubt there was a mistake in the software then the guy should have protested then n there....
    btw for those who wanna learn typing can go to www.typeracer.com its a kind of nice game to increase your typing speed.... :)