Sunday, March 6, 2011


      Late Dr.Mohammed Koya and Al-haj PM.Sayeed were the great leader of Lakshadweep people, they had led people to light from darkness. Their memories are ever lasting in each and every Islander's mind. PM. Sayeed was one of the eminent personality of Indian Parliament, he also known as the architecture of modern Lakshadweep. Dr. Mohammed Koya was a well known socialist and Islanders innocently called him Bamban. Of course these two great men are the legends of blue sea.
      PM.Sayeed had possessed the universal fame, he was one among the scholars of Indian Parliament, he was a mult-lingual scholar as well. His contribution to Lakshadweep is immense and unforgettable, he had become Parliament member so many times, and he becomes Log sabha deputy speaker in Vajpay government and later he becomes Indian Cabinet minister.    Dr.Mohammed Koya was a proponent of socialism to Lakshadweep, he was also a medical doctor. His socialist views help him to become a good leader in Lakshadweep, his views and ideologies had spread among Islanders as a music. Islanders  respectfully called him their 'Bamban'. 
     Islanders are deeply indebted to these two great men's contributions for ever. Their sincere attempt to bring to light in Lakshadweep is unforgettable.

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