Thursday, September 19, 2013

WHO WILL BE.....???

Will 2014 be a Milestone for Lakshadweep? Since 1967 Lakshadweep people had been sending their representative to the Lakshadweep. When four decades ago, a young man made his debut as the Member of Parliament at the age of 26. Then the world witnessed his odysseys and his glorious triumphs. PM.Sayeed, the architecture of modern Lakshadweep. Islanders used to call him Sayeed Sahib.
        When in 2004 General Election, Lakshadweep witnessed a political uprising against the unchanging leadership. PP. Koya, a medical doctor made his triumph over PM. Sayeed. PP.koya was the only non-congress MP from Lakshadweep. He served Islanders four year of span. Yet again a political succession had seen in 2009 General Election. Hamdullah Sayeed, 26 year aged young man ascended the throne as the Member of Parliament. His victory over PP. Koya encompasses the revenge for 2004 General Election.
        Decades had gone, years had gone, a new General Election is approaching. Will it be a Milestone for Islanders? A question will be engraved in all Islanders mind, who will be the new MP? Many apolitical (non-political) well wishers aspiring a change, change means neither political nor leadership change, but a change should be there in socio-economic aspects of Lakshadweep. As all elections, islanders are in expectation, people unconsciously pregnant with a lot of hopes. “World is changing, yet our islands unchanged! Will 2014 General Election bring changes?   
      In the present scenario of Lakshadweep politics there are two major political sides, Indian National Congress and NCP. As the General election is approaching, both camps have declared their election candidates. In Congress camp, its obvious that Hamdulla Sayeed will have been retained as their candidate. In NCP camp, Mohd Faisal.PP has been declared as their candidate officially for the counterpart of Hamdullah Sayeed. Mohd Faisal. PP is a MBA graduate from Androth Island, yet another young Androthean ! Anyway anyhow, forthcoming days will have been encompassed with political dramas and political turmoil. As someone had said '' Politics is the Opium for all people '', whether 2014 brings changes or not, whether it be the milestone or not. We are few! We are known to each other! More and more, We are Islanders. Let's keep Dweep Brotherhood.


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