Thursday, November 14, 2013

Identity V/s Politics

What is our Politics? What is our Identity? We are few Islanders living midst of blue sea, our identity is 'Dweepukar'. A shadow line can be seen between us, that is our Politics. That Shadow line divides our people into Two shores. Now the political tides began to ebb towards these two shores with worse intensity. These ebbing tides will be worse than before, it will dismantle our identity as we had witnessed before. These Tides are ebbing for their sake, we are few coral pebbles !!!That was a morning in Agatti isle, as I woke up as usually, but everywhere encompassed with violence unusually. As I was driving my motorbike through tiny narrow road, I had seen two motorbikes were burning in the road and heavy things were laying in the road, I had puzzled with uncommonness of my Island. Some where mob were gathering, hurling, abusing and so on. The fact is that, it was a time approaching 2009 General election. I hadn't seen any violence except in Shakespearian Plays and I hadn't heard any agitated mobs except in news regarding Gujrat riots. I returned to my home without playing, recalling the past glory of my Agatti, it has lost, it has washed out by those political tides.

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