Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Evaluation of last decade

      Everywhere our people talking about politics on the basis of their parties and the politicizing the whole is getting intense. But there are few apolitical people, they are talking about development. Last decade had witnessed two general elections, so we had two spans of years and two MPs as well (PP. Koya 2004-2009) and Hamdulla (2009-2013). We have three fields that the development is needed essentially, these are Medical, Education and Transport respectively, though the transportation sector is getting enhanced, the other two fields are remaining unenhanced.  The reasons behind the worse transportation problems are not any other factors but it is other two fields of course (Medical and Education), if we had fulfilled these two fields, we could meet the transportation problems.. 
    We are approaching 2014, development doesn’t meant urbanization or westernization but it is the modernization of all fields, for instance, Education, Medical etc..  Still we don’t have any medical or engineering college as our own; still our students are flown from Islands to somewhere else for gaining education. Centres of Calicut University came to exist in our islands when in PM. Sayeed’s epoch, it was a decade ago course started in Kamath, Andtoth and Kavaratti islands. Why didn't our government approach any other universities for further colleges and educational institution? Being a Union Territory, we could start affiliated colleges from any Central Universities. 

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