Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boardingnization of Lakshadweep Students : a case study

   Dropouts and Boardingnization are two evils that have continued to plague our educational system for long. Dropouts means, withdrawal of children from schools. Boardingnization is a non-dictionary term, which means that parents forced to admit their children to any boarding schools in Mainland. Dropouts from Lakshadweep schools is not a new emerged phenomena but now a days this thing increasing rapidly. The main reason behind the dropouts is obvious, that is the valueless education of Lakshadweep schools. Our parents are afraid about their children’s future in our schools, thus, they prefer boarding schools to admit their children. But our parents are ignorant about veiled evils within the boarding schools. Being a victim of Boardingnization, I can say that many Boarding schools are designed form of juvenile homes.

      Our parents are mainly approaching some so called boarding schools and hostels in mainland. Some of these are Crescent Boarding Madrasa vellimuk, AL-Ansar Vadakara, AL-Irshad Malappuram and Ansar Boarding Kottakal etc. The approximated strength of Lakshadweep students studying in these boarding schools is Five Hundred and more. These boarding schools are only instances; around twenty boarding schools are there in Malabar area, which are largely peopled with Lakshadweep students.
Unfortunately I had visited a Boarding Madrasa in Malappuram district, I had seen students of 4 to 7 classes standing in gloomy faces, and they were gazing out through their windows to the play ground. Actually they are caged, they are victimised to the boardingnization. The time, the bell rang they went to the mess to have their tea; the mess cook distributing only two pieces of tiger biscuit. They were far away from the warmth of their mothers, they were removed from their own kitchens, and to them, the white sands of their island’s beach became a distant vision. If consider the high school and higher secondary schools students, the education is being provided by Boarding schools is not acceptable, because previous year (2012-2013) approximately Eight SSLC students were failed in a Boarding school in Calicut district.
Gandhi said “Education is the drawingout of the best in child”. Without their mother’s warmth how can a student draw out his potential?

“Bringback them to our soil...
Let them laugh without tears....
Let them study from sea shore....
Let them fly to the endless wisdom''.

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