Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Caution Alert to DWEEP SISTERS


      Somiya, one of the victims of brutal rape in Kerala, and Nirbaya, yet again a brutal mass rape took place in Capital of India. These unfortunate girls are known to us but plenty of unknowns are remaining as unknown. Though we Lakshadweepeans are alien to those brutalities, we should have the awareness about our sisters, those who are studying in Kerala or somewhere else. Our sisters are born and brought up in our soil without any predicaments and they are living with full freedom as their male counterparts. Our soil is not a patriarchal region or there is no male domination, but our sisters left for somewhere for better education and now our families are in a great fear about them in these new circumstances. Dear Island Sisters, this is not a modern world, but this is post-modern world, in this post-modern world, the word 'Love' is being changed to a new aspect and it may be the trap in which you raped.  Here, ABOUT LAK conveys a helpless tribute to dear Nirbaya and we convey a caution alert to our DWEEP SISTERS

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