Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let's Read For Future


    LDC-MSE job aspirants are awaiting their result of written examinations held on 27th and 28th in the previous month. As the questions of both written test were rather based on current affairs and GK, most of the candidates are not in good expectation. Though the cut off mark to qualify the written test is 40 for ST candidates, the answer key provided by the LBS reveals that the expectation of most of candidates is in vain.
    Lack of reading and poor world awareness is the main reasons for ignorance and it of course  makes a man ignoble. As our geographical alienation, literature and media are too alienated to us. Even now in 2014 we don't have any news paper, and our people are reading the tattered news papers from Kerala or somewhere else. Have you thought of this crisis before? Being an Islander each one of us should think about it because Medias are the source from which we get the information about everything around us.
    There are public libraries in all islands but the books are always in dust. There are some books about Lakshadweep history and its roots, but these are ‘untouched’. ‘Dweepolpathi’ is one of the authentic sources about Lakshadweep history and its geographical details, but if we ask librarian to bring, he may scold us because those books are alien to him too. If we go to library, we can see the empty chairs and the dusted tables. Our libraries are contrary to the words of Jawaharlal Nehru “libraries are the factories from which Intellects born”. 90% of World Knowledge is written, unless we read our expectations always will be in vain.

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